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nepal: qano: Durbar Square, Kathmandu It’s so strange to know that a lot of these temples aren’t standing anymore. Aufbauhilfe-Nepal.de


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Hugo Schneckerich 😊

heyy who do you follow for writing prompts and/or advice?? love your blog btw- ily

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unblockingwritersblock:  I do. Here’s some of my favorites. Writing Prompt Blogs:  unblockingwritersblock (what? I can be a favorite) meetcuteprompts apromptadaykeepsthecriticsaway promptsgalore putthepromptsonthepaper idareyoutowrite awritingpromptaday suddenlyprompts alloftheprompts promptsandpointers photoprompts awesomewritingprompts Writing Help/Advice fixyourwritinghabits dear-indies fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment Yeah…I mostly follow prompt blogs. That should get you started though. Enjoy the muse!

Writing A Character: Questionnaire

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firstwordsoftheprologue: It’s here! Here is a list I put together of 50 of my favorite questions to help develop a character. A lot of these I didn’t come up with myself, so to all those Tumblr users who made the original individual questions, thank you! Credit for those goes to them! Here you go: What is your character’s name? Does the character have a nickname? What is your character’s hair color? Eye color? What kind of distinguishing facial features doesmehr …

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thewritersarchive: This is an ultimate masterlist of many resources that could be helpful for writers. I apologize in advance for any not working links. Check out the ultimate writing resource masterlist here (x) and my “novel” tag here (x). ✑ PLANNING Outlining & Organizing For the Architects: The Planning Process Rough Drafts How do you plan a novel? Plot Development: Climax, Resolution, and Your Main Character Plotting and Planing I Have An Idea for a Novel! Now What? Choosing themehr …

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Retreat 😊

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wordscount: Seriously. Get on it.

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