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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Leo Tolstoy (via briefquotes)

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unwrapping: Tumblr expanded its keyboard shortcuts on the Desktop Dashboard to add quick formatting for posts. Also, I’ve marked the shortcuts that require you to use the J key (forward) and K key (backward). June 29, 2015 Update: Tumblr modified the keyboard shortcut for small text. It’s Command + Shift + Hyphen for Mac or Control + Shift+ Hyphen for Windows. Also, Tumblr added insert GIF (Command + Shift+ G for Mac or Control + Shift + G for Windows) in itsWeiterlesen


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Plots writeworld: Stories have plots or storylines, by which the stories are told. One of the ideas in storytelling is that there are a limited number of plots. Here are some of them (or maybe all – who knows?), with commentaries on many elements: Different plots Booker’s Seven Basic Plots: A modern perspective. Friedman’s Story Plots: 14 plots (and discussion of each). Georges Polti’s 36 Dramatic Situations: Common plot elements. Reich’s American Narratives: Four real themes. Tobias’ 20 Plots: FromWeiterlesen

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amandaonwriting: Novel Structure

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writeworld: Gosh WriteWorld follows a truckload of great writing-related blogs. Recently, we’ve added even more blogs to our follow list. Since there are so many, we’re not going to write up individual descriptions, but we did split them up by type for you. Check ‘em out below! GENERAL WRITING HELP BLOGS thewritingnook thewrittenmagic writingtipsfromthenovice the-writing-process thewordriven infinitewritinginthedark the-writers-world itsonlythefirstdraft samswritingtips (inactive) awritersnook ourwritinglives (inactive) a-writers-littlethings (inactive) writers-are-writers fantasy-writing writingtipsandtricks writing-ideas-collection characterdevelopmentforwriters to-write-my-book screenwritinginspiration createandnarrate youreallwrite PROMPT BLOGS creativepromptsforwriting tomatoesandexpletives sharingwritingpromptsWeiterlesen

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amandaonwriting: Plotting by J.L. Bell

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5 Common Story Problems with Simple Fixes

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fictionwritingtips: Our stories are often plagued with these common story problems, but if we don’t know how to fix them, we’ll never improve our writing. It’s important that you remember you don’t need to scrap your novel if you keep having the same issues over and over again. Hopefully this list will help you pinpoint what’s going on and provide ways for you to improve your novel. Problem: Unmotivated Characters If you’re having trouble figuring out where your story shouldWeiterlesen

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thewordriven: How to Write a Scene in 11 Steps…