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Character Questions #009: Friendship Edition

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alloftheprompts: Is your character a social butterfly or more of a loner? Or perhaps it depends on the circumstances? Does your character have a lot of friends or only a few? Many casual friends? Few but close ones? A bit of both? How do they choose their friends? Do they have a best friend? Tell us about them. Who was their first friend? Are they still in touch? Have they ever lost a friend? Have they ever had a friendWeiterlesen

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hajandradebee: Traditional Tibetan Sand Mandala Time Lapse (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

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hajandradebee: Tibetan Sand Mandalas

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nevver: Simpsons Tarot

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Character Mannerisms

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creativichee: Here’s some considerations for the tiny little details that can add a lot to a character. Figuring out these mannerisms can do a lot for conveying character traits through their normal actions rather than just their thoughts, dialogue, etc. How’s their posture? There are more options than just sitting up straight or slouching a lot. What’s their most comfortable sitting position? Do they have a consistent posture or does it change depending on situation / present company?  How’s theirWeiterlesen