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Writing Prompts *Updated*

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all-about-that-fandoms: If you can’t come up with an imagine/drabble/blurb idea yourself, feel free to chose one of these to request. Just message us with the name, character and whatever fandom or movie or show they are from and we will do our best to get it done! Before you ask to make sure it hasn’t already been posted just search on our blog the number of the prompt to see who it has been written for before. 1. “I don’tWeiterlesen

ein schönes Auto

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A streetcar named desire.

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writingtipsandtricks: -Sherry

I tried to research this but I didn’t find anything helpful. How do a write a „puppet“ antagonist? A character who seems like the antagonist but is actually working for someone else?

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writingtipsandtricks: nimblesnotebook: How they behave depends on a few things: What is their moral compass? A character who doesn’t care about hurting others will be relentless and they’ll do anything to reach their goal. A character who has their own rules or who has specific instructions/guidelines from their employer will probably want to abide by them, unless they don’t care about what their employer says. What is their relationship with their employer? This has an effect on the first point.Weiterlesen

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fixyourwritinghabits: writingwithcolor: Writing with Color: Description Guide – Words for Skin Tone We discussed the issues describing People of Color by means of food in Part I of this guide, which brought rise to even more questions, mostly along the lines of “So, if food’s not an option, what can I use?” Well, I was just getting to that! This final portion focuses on describing skin tone, with photo and passage examples provided throughout. I hope to cover everything fromWeiterlesen

The Color Thesaurus

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moirakatson: All from Ingrid’s Notes on WordPress, direct link here.

List of Elemental Abilities

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writingtipsandtricks: thewritershandbook: Air/Wind Aerokinesis -manipulate the air, wind, and gas. Aeroportation – teleport using air/wind currents. Air Mimicry – transform into a cloud of gas, fog, or mist. Atmokinesis – manipulate the weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity. Deoxygenation – suck up all the oxygen from a place. Lung Adaptation – breath anywhere Wind Generation – create blasts of air. Divine Winds Manipulation – create and control heavenly winds. Dark Wind Manipulation – create and control eerieWeiterlesen