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Die Friedhöfe der Welt sind voll von Leuten, die sich für unentbehrlich hielten. George Benjamin Clémenceau


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“Writing a book is so easy.”

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thescalexwrites: Yes. Writing a book is the easiest thing in the whole world. In fact, let me show you just how easy it is! Goal: change all this paper into a book. Eh, not that hard. I mean, you just have to read, right? Maybe scratch a few notes in the margins as reminders. Yeah, writing and editing isn’t time consuming or painstaking at all. In fact, I find it quite relaxing. Good meditation. No stress whatsoever! I mean, it’sWeiterlesen

Writing Habit

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Wie Andere mich beim Schreiben sehen…

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Writing About Pain Part 2: External Signs

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scriptmedic: Hey there! This is a part of a series on pain and suffering in writing. Part 1 of the series, Writing About Pain (Without Putting Your Readers in Agony), appeared on the eminent and excellent blog WritersHelpingWriters. Thanks again to Angela for having me on her blog! I got a great follow-up question the other day from a-nom-de-plume, who asked: Hi! Do you have any tips on writing pain from an outside perspective? As in, not the point ofWeiterlesen

The Five Elements of a Good Novel Pitch

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incandescent-creativity: If you guys haven’t heard about the Book Doctors, then what have you been doing with your writing life allow me to educate you.David Henry Sterry and Arielle Ekstut are a husband and wife couple who work closely with NaNoWriMo and are the authors of a fantastic book titled “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.” (get it and read it, it’s fabulous) These two wonderful people just did a YouTube livestream (it’s two hours long, watch it here)Weiterlesen