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One night stand, bitter or funny

  1. Character A is startled when Character B takes them to a boathouse at the beginning of the night.
  2. Character A is a writer and they discover their book on Character B’s bedside table. (more prompts about writer as a character can be found here)
  3. Character A has to borrow Character B’s clothes the next day.
  4. One of the characters has a sleep-walking roommate.
  5. Before leaving, Character A writes a poem about Character B.
  6. Character A wakes up to discover that Character B is an excellent cook and making breakfast for them.
  7. Character A is trying to make breakfast in Character B’s kitchen and they’re unable to find anything.
  8. Character A is woken up by Character B’s new pet, which turns out to be B and they’ve been looking for it for weeks.
  9. Character A finds out Character B is their child’s (future) teacher.
  10. Character A has an unusual pet, which escapes their cage while Character B is still asleep.
  11. Character A takes Character B to a hotel and then leaves B to pay.
  12. One of the characters pretends they remember nothing.
  13. After an awkward night, Character A wants to sneak out and go home but discovers they have no idea where they are.
  14. Character A wakes up to find out Character B has taken their things.
  15. Character A rooms with Character B’s ex.
  16. Character A is related to Character B’s mortal enemy.
  17. Character A is watching the news in the morning and discovers Character B is a wanted criminal.
  18. Character A’s significant other comes home before Character B can leave.
  19. One of the characters seduces the other on a bet from their friends.
  20. Character A finds out Character B seduced them as a part of a revenge plot.
  21. Characters A discovers this was a part of Character B’s research project for an article.
  22. Character A sneaks out before Character B wakes up.
  23. Character A finds out that Character B is spreading rumors about them after their one-night stand.
  24. One of the characters ends up pregnant.