Dan Flavin – Kunsthalle Bielefeld

3. August 2017 Fotos, Kunst, Orte

Marta Herford

3. August 2017 Fotos, Kunst, Orte

Henrique Oliveira Parietal Passage 2016, herford

22. Januar 2017 Erinnerungen, Kunst, Orte

Henrique Oliveira  Parietal Passage, 2016

Monika Grzymala

21. Januar 2017 Erinnerungen, Fotos, Kunst, Orte

Marta Herford – Monika Grzymala

Esther Stocker

21. Januar 2017 Fotos, Kunst, Orte

Marta Herford – Esther Stocker

Anders Peterson

21. Januar 2017 Fotos, Kunst

Marta Herford – Anders Peterson


4. Januar 2017 Fotos, Kunst

foxesinbreeches: David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini by Helmut Newton, 1986 Also

Emmy Hennings als Spinne

4. Januar 2017 Kunst

archives-dada: Emmy Hennings als Spinne [Emmy Hennings as spider ; Emmy Hennings en araignée], c. 1915-1918, 12 x 13,5 cm. Source : http://ead.nb.admin.ch/html/hennings-ball_C.html#C-04-a-OP-06-04

Milla Jovovich

1. Januar 2017 Fotos, Kunst

jinxproof: Milla Jovovich by Paolo Roversi Vogue Italia (April 1997)

Phenomenal Malleable Stone Sculpture

27. Dezember 2016 Fotos, Kunst

thedesigndome: Phenomenal Malleable Stone Sculpture Spain based artist José Manuel Castro López seeks beauty hidden in creases, crafting impressive artworks with various stones. Seguir leyendo

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