Wintergompa Howacht

9. November 2016 Erinnerungen, Fotos, Orte

Retreat in Howacht

geographical vocabulary

6. Oktober 2016 Orte, Schreiben lernen

octoswan: I made these as a way to compile all the geographical vocabulary that I thought was useful and interesting for writers. Some descriptors share categories, and some are simplified, but for the most part everything is in its proper place. Not all the words are as useable as others, and some might take tricky wording to pull off, but I hope these prove useful to all you writers out there! (save the images to zoom in on the pics)

Dan Flavin in der Kunsthalle Bielefeld

5. September 2016 Fotos, Kunst, Orte

mindbuilding: Dan Flavin in der Kunsthalle Bielefeld Mein erster tumblr-post – oder wie man das nennt.

Exhibition “Wunder der Natur”

10. Juli 2016 Fotos, Orte

Exhibition “Wunder der Natur” Gasometer Oberhausen (hier: Gasometer Oberhausen)

27. Februar 2016 Fotos, Kunst, Orte

hajandradebee: Tibetan Sand Mandalas

9. Februar 2016 Erinnerungen, Kunst, Orte

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7W-Aokh7iE) (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

31. August 2015 Fotos, Orte

Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

31. August 2015 Fotos, Orte

Folkwangmuseum Essen

14. Juli 2015 Fotos, Orte


13. Juli 2015 Erinnerungen, Fotos, Orte


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