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What are some good tips for getting started with writing a book? I have a concept but i can’t put it into place.

26. Februar 2017 Schreiben lernen

plotlinehotline: Getting Started with Your Story There’s no one way to start writing a book. For some people, it’s enough to just jump in and start writing to see where the story takes them. If you’re not too keen on that idea, then here is one process (as in, not the only process) that might help you move beyond your concept.  Concept ≠ Plot Many writers mistake concept for plot, but they’re actually two very different things. A world whereWeiterlesen

Stephen King

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A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar. Stephen King (via writerniche)

Creating plots with the zigzag method

19. Januar 2017 Schreiben lernen

1000storyideas: I’ve learned this method years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. The zigzag plot creator starts like this:  An crescent zigzag.  You can have as many up and downs as you want. I’ve drawn six to keep it simple. Alright, this zigzag is your storyline and every corner is an important event that will change everything: Every down represents a bad thing happening to your main characters, taking them further away from their goal. Every up isWeiterlesen

In Which Diversity Isn’t a Myth

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adrielthefallen: girl-with-sandshoes: clementive: Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list.  I tried to included as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some Russian creatures looked very interesting but I don’t speak Russian…) Please, add creatures from your culture when reblogguing (if not already present). It took me a while to gather all those sites but I knowWeiterlesen

How to NaNo

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write-like-a-freak: Follow these tips and I swear you’ll win NaNo this year Pull up your novel before you open the internet Maybe you’re like me and usually you have five tabs open on Chrome at all times and it’s the first thing you see when you open your laptop. Exit out of the entire browser. Yes, even if you’ve had those same tabs open for a year. DO IT. CLOSE THE TABS. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A WEIRD SENTIMENTAL ATTACHMENT TO THEM.Weiterlesen

20 Things You Should Know about NaNoWriMo

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createwhatyouimagine: It’s that time of year again! November rolls around, and normal, everyday men and women hunch over bits of writing with a thirst for ink and misery, thus choosing to step into the arena to tangle with the NaNoWriMo beast. Here, then, are 25 thoughts regarding this month-long pilgrimage into the mouth of the novel — peruse, digest, then discuss. 1. Writing Requires Writing! The oft-repeated refrain, “Writers write,” is as true a sentiment as one can find, and yet so manyWeiterlesen

geographical vocabulary

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octoswan: I made these as a way to compile all the geographical vocabulary that I thought was useful and interesting for writers. Some descriptors share categories, and some are simplified, but for the most part everything is in its proper place. Not all the words are as useable as others, and some might take tricky wording to pull off, but I hope these prove useful to all you writers out there! (save the images to zoom in on the pics)

How to create an epic character

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Writing Antagonists, Antiheroes and Villains

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mosellegreen: Obviously there’s a lot of overlap between the three, despite their differences, which is why this is all one post. In fact, some of the articles have one of those words in their title but the content of the article belongs in one of the other categories. I think the links about the antagonist’s journey are some of the most interesting on this list. Antiheroes Heroes and Anti-Heroes – What’s the difference? Anti-heroes in Science Fiction Movies 5 TypesWeiterlesen

Dämmerung : Arbeit und Struktur

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Dämmerung : Arbeit und Struktur Immer wieder lesen…