Character Questions #009: Friendship Edition

29. Februar 2016 Schreiben lernen


  1. Is your character a social butterfly or more of a loner? Or perhaps it depends on the circumstances?
  2. Does your character have a lot of friends or only a few?
  3. Many casual friends? Few but close ones? A bit of both?
  4. How do they choose their friends?
  5. Do they have a best friend? Tell us about them.
  6. Who was their first friend? Are they still in touch?
  7. Have they ever lost a friend?
  8. Have they ever had a friend betray their trust?
  9. Have they ever betrayed a friend?
  10. How far are they willing to go for a close friend? Would they do something illegal?
  11. If their best friend came to them having murdered someone, would they help hide the body?
  12. Who would they turn to if they were in serious trouble?
  13. What could seriously damage a friendship for them?
  14. Friends or family?
  15. If two of their close friends were fighting, how would your character react?