How to NaNo

2. November 2016 Schreiben lernen


Follow these tips and I swear you’ll win NaNo this year

Pull up your novel before you open the internet

Maybe you’re like me and usually you have five tabs open on Chrome at all times and it’s the first thing you see when you open your laptop. Exit out of the entire browser. Yes, even if you’ve had those same tabs open for a year. DO IT. CLOSE THE TABS. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A WEIRD SENTIMENTAL ATTACHMENT TO THEM. Actually, especially if you have a weird sentimental attachment to them.

Don’t venture onto twitter or tumblr or facebook until you’ve written a page or more.

When you get stuck on a scene, just start writing

I know that feel. You’re in the middle of a scene and you have no idea where it goes next. Or you just finished a scene and you’re completely lost as to what scene follows it.

Just start making words. Write a goofy little scene that has nothing to do with the main plot. Start with a random line of dialogue and just go from there. Make a pop culture reference even if your novel is set in a fantasy world. Read back over the last paragraph or two and just put down the first thing that comes to mind. 

JUST DO IT. DON’T THINK. PUT THE WORDS DOWN AND LOGIC WILL FOLLOW. HOPEFULLY. If not you can edit that part out in December.

Take breaks, but only every third time you feel like taking a break

I feel like taking a break as soon as there’s a lull in the scene I’m in, but if you just keep pushing through the scene will pick right back up again. And what you tell yourself will be just a little break will often turn into at least thirty minutes where you make a long text post giving writing advice about NaNoWriMo *laughs to self*

Similarly, only take breaks at an interesting part in your story

If you leave your story off at a lull, it will be that much harder to get back into the flow of the story. But if you leave off at a really interesting spot, you’ll be eager to get back to the story and the flow will come to you more naturally. 

You may find yourself thinking I’m at an interesting part in my story, maybe I’ll take a break now … oooorrrr I could keep writing this interesting part and just take a break when I get to the next interesting part 

And next thing you know you’ve written an entire chapter. Go you. Eat some candy.

Do writer yoga

If you feel your inspiration slipping and the words aren’t coming and your butt is falling asleep because you’ve been in that same position for an hour now, move. Write on the floor. Lay on your back and prop your head up with pillows and write with your computer on your stomach. Do actual yoga for a minute. Crawl under your bed and write. 

Change up your body and it might shake something loose in your head.

Tell people you’re doing NaNo so you have the possible shame of not finishing to motivate you to write more

This doesn’t need an explanation.

Use this guide to help you plan out and be inspired for your novel

Seriously if you do all that stuff there’s no way you won’t win NaNo this year.