Let’s talk about writers block

10. April 2016 Schreiben lernen


Writers block is something that bothers every writer at some point whether it last for a couple of days or a couple of months. I wish i could tell you that there is one right way to avoid or treat writers block but frankly there isn’t, so don’t expect any miracles here. But there are a couple of things you can do to deal with writers block. So in this post i will try to first sum up a couple of ways to avoid it and second ways to deal with it when you already have it. So without further ado here we go!

Don’t push yourself to hard

The best way to avoid writers block is to not push yourself to much. A lot of writers contact me saying that they usually write almost everyday and finish a lot of stories but suddenly they can’t continue anymore for some reason. I believe that this is the result of a writer pushing himself to hard, they feel obligated to themselves or others in some way to write everyday almost a if they are afraid of losing the title of ‘writer’. Well i’m here to tell you that the number one piece of advice on every writing platform/site/… and that every writer takes for granted is wrong, namely: you have to write everyday to be a good writer. Now i get that this statement came to be to get writers who are a bit lazy off of their butt and get them to write. But every writer has their own writing rhythm, whether it’s once a day or once a month, it doesn’t matter! And if you push yourself beyond your natural limit you will become bored, frustrated even because it isn’t how your mind is programmed to do it. Now if you write everyday and that works for you no problem, have at it. But if you are a writer who isn’t in a writing mood everyday of the week don’t feel guilty about it. Write at the pace that you feel comfortable with and you will see that you won’t ever run out of ideas to write about. 

Don’t be to hard on yourself

Every writer is the worst critic of his own work and especially if you are in the editing stages of the writing process it’s a good thing. But writers who are to hard on themselves also lose the taste for writing or scrap the first couple of sentences on their piece of paper over and over again because they think it isn’t good enough.

Don’t bully yourself because you can’t find the right words on the first go or if you have a plot hole to figure out, it will be OK. Try not to be to hard on yourself and try to find the balance between being a critic and allowing mistakes to happen because those mistakes will get edited out in a next draft. You literally have nothing to worry about so calm down and have fun with it. Which brings me to my next topic.


Writing is best done when calm and well rested, if you have a bad day or aren’t feeling to well don’t be scared to skip a day and come back to it when you are relaxed. If you keep writing on an off day you will often find yourself to be annoyed by your spelling/ think that your writing sucks/… This will get you frustrated and will literally keep you from writing whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. 

go do some things that inspire you

Writing is all about getting inspired and sometimes you lose your taste for writing because you don’t feel inspired. If this ever happens to you then put your work aside, try not to obsess about it and go do something else: go to a diner, take a small trip, go hang out with friends,… Just do something other than writing. This way you will refill your creative batteries and you will get your taste for writing back in no time. It helps if you do something that you think will inspire you but that isn’t even a necessity, just try to have a little fun and you will get inspired by something you didn’t expect before you know it.

Flex your writing muscles

When you think you have relaxed enough and feel like you need to write again, not out of necessity but because you want to, need to even to satisfy yourself then it’s time to write again. Start with something small, write a short story, do a prompt or just do a scene out of your novel that you know is going to make you excited. Then when that’s finished work your way up to the real deal and try to have fun with it.

I have always thought that writers block came from either frustrated writers, feeling creatively empty or are pushing themselves to hard. Alle of which can be treated by stepping away from your desk for a while whether it be a day or a month and do something else that you enjoy. You have to understand that writers block can be compared to a disease that needs treatment, in this case treatment is rest and to enjoy the other aspects of your life. And i know it seems contradictory if you want to write but can’t that the solution is to not write, but your mind sometimes needs some rest and it’s important that you give it the time it needs. I hope this helped some of you not to worry as much and get to write again. If you have a suggestion of what topic you want me to cover next feel free to send me a message!