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Namo Guru
I supplicate the supreme guru,
Who shows me that my own mind is dharmakāya.
Please take a seat here and listen to these words.
Realize their significance and make them your living experience.
The ālaya is the basis of all of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa.
When not realized, it is saṃsāra,
and when realized, it is the Tathāgata mind.
This describes the essence of the ālaya.
For example, in a mirror pure of tarnish,
Reflections may appear. Likewise,
In the open expanse of your own stainless mind,
Various consciousnesses rise and perish.
Since this clinging to the duality of subject and object
Rises and appears within this open expanse all by itself,
The single essence of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa being nondual
Not realized is delusion and, if realized, is liberation.
Though the thinker and what it thinks of are not two,
Taking them to be two is the ground of saṃsāra.
once you see the nondual essence,
The Heart of the victors is revealed.
This song on determining the ālaya
arose in a solitary place.
Through dispelling all that obscures the ālaya,
may you realize your own stainless mind.

A Song on the Ālaya

This song was sung in the lower [valley of Tsurpu] Dölung Gyal

During the waxing ninth moon in the year of the sheep

By the dharma lord Rangjung Dorje

To the great meditator, master Ngarma, and his servant.

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