Step-parents (Writing Prompts)

7. Juli 2015 Schreiben lernen


  1. Write about the first meeting/introduction.
  2. Write about the first conflict.
  3. Write about the decision what the children will call the step-parent.
  4. Write about the first time the child comes to the step-parent with something serious.
  5. Write about a light-hearted bonding moment.
  6. Write about the bio parent and the step-parent not agreeing on something related to the children.
  7. Write about the child and the step-parent teaming up against the bio parent.
  8. Write about a step-parent who can never really accept their significant other’s child.
  9. Write about the step-parent noticing a problem the child has.
  10. Write about a child who adores their step-parent.
  11. Write about a step-parent fighting for custody.
  12. Write about a step-parent taking the child for an (awkward) ice cream trip.
  13. Write about a step-parent trying to pick a gift for the child.
  14. Write about the child saying something mean to their step-parent.
  15. Write about the step-parent and the child decorating the house together.