Writing Antagonists, Antiheroes and Villains

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Obviously there’s a lot of overlap between the three, despite their differences, which is why this is all one post. In fact, some of the articles have one of those words in their title but the content of the article belongs in one of the other categories.

I think the links about the antagonist’s journey are some of the most interesting on this list.


Heroes and Anti-Heroes – What’s the difference?
Anti-heroes in Science Fiction Movies
5 Types of Anti-Heroes
You Need More Scoundrels in Your Life: How to Write a Han Solo Hero in Six Easy Steps!
Han Versus Luke – Who’s the Better Hero?
Defining and Developing Your Anti-Hero, excerpt from Bullies, Bastards & Bitches by Jessica Page Morrell
4 Ways to Make Your Antihero Deliciously Irresistible


When Being Bad is Good: Creating a Great Antagonist
Being Evil: Plotting From the Antagonist’s Perspective
10 Traits of a Strong Antagonist
12 Tips On How To Write Antagonists Your Readers Will Love To Hate
Types of antagonist
Seven Types of Antagonists
Ten Tips for a Terrific Antagonist
10 Essential Tips for Writing Antagonists
How To Write The Bad Guy
Likable Villains
3 Traits Your Hero and Villain Should Share
Guide to Writing a Villain
A Guide to Villainous Motivations


Guide to Writing a Villain
Creating an Interesting Bad Guy
The Sympathetic Villain
WriteWorld: Villains
Exploring The Dark Side: The Anti-Hero’s Journey – despite the title, this article is about villains, not antiheroes as the term is usually understood
Killer Personalities
The Antagonist’s Epiphany
How to Create a Credible Villain in Fiction
How to Avoid Creating a Weak Villain
5 Characteristics of an Epic Villain
Writing a Great Villain
14 Motives for Becoming a Supervillain
Writing Villains Vs. Writing Heroes
Villains Are People Too, But…
A Short Defence of Villains by Agnes Repplier
Villains: because a good bad guy is the author’s best friend.
The Other in Fiction: Creating Wonderfully Wicked Villains
Three-Dimensional Villains: Finding Your Character’s Shadow
10 Traits of Highly-Effective Villains
Writing Tips #79:How To Write Better Villains
Villains by Vicki Hinze
The Sixteen Villain Archetypes

The Antagonist’s Journey

Exploring The Dark Side: The Anti-Hero’s Journey
The Villain’s Journey
Does the Villain’s Journey Mirror the Hero’s Journey?
Forget the Hero’s Journey. Women want an Antagonist’s Tale
Return to the Antagonist’s Tale